New teaching building at Minhang showcases high-tech features


The newly renovated No. 2 Teaching Building on Minhang Campus has attracted the attention of students and faculty. While boasting an exquisite exterior, the building is especially noteworthy for its interior.

 The new building boasts 56 classrooms, 12 more than before. Between the new classrooms are large seminar rooms that are equipped with dual-touch screen all-in-one machines. 

Considerable changes have been made to the terrace classrooms. They are now equipped with 4K display screens, intelligent podiums, sound absorptive walls, normalized recording devices, and mobile phone interaction and integrated video systems. 

All classrooms excluding the terrace ones in the building are equipped with sound absorptive walls, moveable desks and chairs, and carpets, which improve their comfortableness, durability and silencing effect. 

In addition, the electronic devices have also been upgraded. For example, the desktop computers in all classrooms have been equipped with 32G mini-processors, allowing for high-speed Internet access.  

So far, renovation for the No.1, No.2 and No.4 Teaching Buildings on Minhang Campus has been finished, creating a more comfortable efficient teaching and learning environment for students and faculty.

Source: ECNU Publicity Department

Photos by Shao Zhuang, Chen Sijie, Shirley Wu

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University