New books published by ECNU Press to spread Chinese culture


ECNU Press has joined hands with Retech AiEnglish, a Shanghai-based e-learning service group company, to launch Wonderful Minds—an original English picture book series created for young children. The announcement was made at the 2020 China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair.

Wang Yan, Director of ECNU Press, said that the book series is an upgraded English version originating from the Meihuishu early-childhood quality education program. The program aspires to instill the love of reading into kindergarten children across the country, by engaging them with excellent stories and pictures. 

Featuring high-level IT-based kindergarten curricula, Meihuishu has become a well-known brand in domestic early childhood education. Retech AiEnglish uses its high-quality e-learning solutions in the book, allowing interactive learning between teachers and students. Both parties rely on their respective advantages, providing an English education service for young learners that maintains an international level in teaching and operations.

The book series is also an effort to tap into the Chinese market for original English children's publications. It also intends to sow the seeds of love for Chinese culture among children across the globe. 

For example, Bridges in China explains to children the different bridgesand superb bridge-building craft in China since ancient times.

Records introduces how ancient Chinespeople found out the way to make light paper.

Source: ECNU Press

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University