ECNU and Piesat start strategic cooperation


ECNU has announced a strategic cooperation with Piesat Information Technology Co. Ltd., a high-tech company specializing in research and application of remote sensing satellite technology.

Both parties have agreed to jointly establish the Piesat-ECNU Research Institute. At the same time, the company has set up the Piesat Excellent Talent Training Fund in support of ECNU's geography discipline and talent training.

ECNU and Piesat jointly established the Piesat-ECNU Research Institute.

On December 18, a strategic-agreement signing ceremony was held on the Minhang campus of ECNU.

In his speech, Liu Min, Dean of the School of Geographic Sciences, pointed out that the localization of satellite application software and the industrialization of satellite application are cutting-edge areas of geographic information technology and a top priority and urgent need for China. The establishment of the Piesat-ECNU Research Institute is of great significance to ECNU, as it strives to serve the national development strategy and reach the goal of transforming itself into a double first-class university. He said that Piesat Chairman Wang, a former ECNU graduate, is concerned about and highly supportive of ECNU’s development and that he believes that the new fund will assist ECNU in cultivating outstanding talents who have lofty scientific ideals, are patriotic and creative.

Liu Min, Dean of the School of Geographic Sciences

A private company, Piesat is now a leading firm in the field of remote sensing in China and a supplier with cutting-edge technologies to the BeiDou satellite system. It has made great contributions to the innovation of China's satellite remote sensing technology and major national satellite applications.

ECNU president Qian congratulated on Piesat for the achievement the ECNU-alumnus-invested company has made. He said that he took pride in the contributions Chairman Wang has made to the national strategic development as a distinguished ECNU alumnus.

ECNU president Qian Xuhong was delivering his speech.

Piesat and ECNU will highlight cooperation in talent cultivation and make breakthroughs in scientific research. They will jointly develop constellations for radar remote sensing satellites and satellite application systems and make them a special gift for the 70th anniversary of ECNU.

Source: School of Geographic Sciences, Education Development Foundation

Photos by Wang Yuqi

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


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