ECNU launches 70 poverty-relief programs



ECNU launched 70 programs on the first day of the new year to help impoverished areas by raising the quality of their education. The move is part of ECNU’s 70th anniversary celebrations this year.

The programs were selected from suggestions of alumni working in basic education in China’s central and western areas. The issues raised include expanding quality education resources, improving teacher training and school conditions, and establishing educational cooperation platforms.

Cao Youyi, Deputy Chair of  University Council and Lyv Zhifeng, a teacher representative, unveil the 70 programs.

These programs include one suggested by Ye Haiyan to help the Little Swallow Kindergarten in Wenjing Town in the Jingdong Yi Autonomous County of Yunnan Province. The university’s School of Open Learning and Education is to provide infrastructure, teaching materials and training for its teachers.

Other programs range from developing demonstration classes of lab experiments and designing special courses to inspire students’ interest in learning to providing guidance in psychological education and career planning, and research into left-behind children in rural areas.

Exhibition of 70 Selected Educational Dreams

According to the Secretary of the Party General Branch of the School of Open Learning and Education said, “The alumni's dream of basic education is the inheritance and continuation of the education dream of ECNU and a vivid case of China's education dream. On the road of rejuvenating rural education, our dream building teams are like a gas station, which continuously injects new strength into the action of poverty alleviation through education.”

Source: Shine

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


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