What's it like to take "Story of China" course at ECNU?


China is one of the world’s largest economies and plays an increasingly pivotal role on the world stage. China is culturally, politically and economically dynamic and vital to the world.

Last year, ECNU offered a new course ‘Story of China’ for all international students, aiming to unfold to them a real, three-dimensional and colorful China and let ECNUers better understand China's history, status quo and future development trend through story telling.


The course covers a wide range of aspects about modern China, including culture, economy, society, ecology, education, poverty alleviation, health, rule of law and sports. It involves both in-classroom teaching and out-of-classroom learning, such as taking international students to communities, rural areas and museums to get a close-up look at China.

So, what’s it like to have ‘Story of China’ at ECNU? Here are some ECNUers have to say about this course.

This semester I took the ‘Story of China’ course. It is both informative and meaningful. I am very grateful that the teachers have brought us to so many places, which has opened my eyes and enriched my knowledge. My greatest honor was having an opportunity to talk face to face with Tong Shijun, the former Chair of the University Council of ECNU.

Zeng Michael


The course acquaints us with China's takeoff in the past 40 years in every aspect, such as economy, poverty eradication, health care, education, law, society and culture. I have learned a lot from this course, as every lesson was given by a veteran teacher. The course helped me break some stereotypes about China, gave me a basic idea of what is going on here, and fostered my interest in learning more about China.

Zhang Anita Becky


It is the course that impresses me the most, quite different from other courses I've taken. Apart from in-class study, we had a lot of opportunities to go out to learn about China. That is why it is one of my favorite courses.

Albariqi Ali Hayazim

Saudi Arabia

Each class is rich in content. We were shown around many areas and the trips broadened my horizon. The course not only teaches me how China grows into the world's second-largest economy, but also lets me see with my own eyes its astonishing development in various aspects. I'm greatly impressed with the development of China's rural areas.

Oppal Nilab


Source: ECNU Global Education Center

Author: Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University