ECNUers in Chinese Classics Recitation, Writing & Speech Contest



The 2nd Chinese Classics Recitation, Writing and Speech Contest came to an end late last month. This contest, hosted by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission, was divided into four categories, including recitation, poetry interpretation, Chinese character writing and seal cutting.

Based on a school-level selection, ECNU submitted a total of 24 entries in June 2020, 22 of which won Shanghai municipal awards after being evaluated by experts from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. 

In September, a total of 17 entries from ECNU were shortlisted for the state-level contest. The entries of ECNU teachers and students stood out in the contest with outstanding achievements. 15 ECNU entries won national awards.

International students at ECNU also took an active part in the contest. Among all the 17 entries that entered the state-level contest were three entries from the international students. 

De Ming from Tajikistan won the national 3rd prize for reciting Bringing in the Wine (将进酒), a poem by Li Bai, one of the most famous poets in the Tang Dynasty.

Zhu Jielong from Thailand also received the national 3rd prize. He recited Taking Leave of Cambridge Again (再别康桥), the best-known poem by Xu Zhimo, an early 20th-century romantic Chinese poet.

Chen Jiadi, Guo Hongwei, Wang Peigui and Zhu Jielong together recited Believe in Future (相信未来), a poem written by Shi Zhi, an influential Chinese poet of the 1960s.

Except for the international students mentioned above, other ECNUers also made outstanding achievements in this contest. Here are some of their prize-winning works:

Source: Academic Affairs Office

Author: Yuan Yiwei

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


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