Sports carnival on campus


ON October 31, ECNU's campus activity day was held with the theme of healthy study, healthy life, sports campus. All kinds of competitions including archery, bouldering, walking on stilts, bamboo pole dance, and a swimming competition created a joyful and lively sports environment for all of the students.

ECNU students’ swimming competition, the 2nd college cup basketball friendly competition, a minority student characteristic sports meeting, student society sports garden party and other university-level activities, as well as 58 related activities from 34 academic departments were carried out successfully.  

The university hopes to provide teachers and students with multiple choices and create a stronger sports atmosphere through multi-level and all-round activities.  

As for the first ethnic minority students sport game, the song and dance from the Hub of Students in Minhang campus drew much attention from the audience with its dances of Xinjiang, Tibet and bamboo dance.  

Nearly 100 ethnic minority students from 11 colleges and universities participated in the ethnic sports activities, such as archery, shuttlecock, Tibetan bouldering and high foot racing. Additionally, exhibition areas were set up at the various event sites in order to allow for more students to experience the minority sports activities. Visitors could collect seals and exchange souvenirs by experiencing archery, bouldering, bamboo pole dance, walking on stilts, etc. Participants spoke highly of sports carnival day and they felt this kind of activity would enhance mutual understanding and friendship. 

Translated by Siyuan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University