ECNU jointly holds "Super Chinese Cup"


The final of the Super Chinese Cup International Chinese Speech Competition for middle school students, which ended on January 16, 2021, was jointly held by East China Normal University (ECNU), Zhuji Ronghuai School and Super Chinese.

The competition lasted for three months with 40 outstanding contestants from more than 1,000 participants reaching the final. It was divided into two parts: a 5-minute speech and a 2-minute on-site Q&A. The contestants’ excellent performance made the competition all the more wonderful and exciting.

Young as they are, the contestants expressedtheir own unique perspectives in fluent Chinese, especially on youth’s social responsibility, environmental protection and future development. On that day, the total online audience watching through the HSK Online Competition Zone reached 10,750. Now, let's take a close look of the competition.

First prize

1.Cai Fengqi from Malaysia

Gong Shou Dao (The Art of Attack and Defense)in the Chinese Culture: “The Chinese language, the essence of the Chinese culture, carries the Chinese cultural treasures around the world like a ship. Let’s carry forward this time-honored Chinese culture and make it more deep-rooted and prosperous.”

2. Mi Na from Serbia

Angels in White during the Pandemic: “This pandemic is a minor test, far from a fateful end. Let’s cheer for these angels in white and at the same time protects ourselves well. Stay united for the common goal, and we shall finally win the battle against this pandemic.”

3. Liu Yutong from Malaysia

Youth and Future & Meaning of Learning: “It is of the greatest importance for a man to position himself properly. Without accumulation of knowledge, all ambitions or dreams are nothing but empty talks. We may think what we are learning is of no use,but it may bring us to the center of the stage one day.”

4. Isabel Williams from the U.S.

How Important Financial Know-How is for the Future of Every Teenager: “Financial know-how should be learned for the realization of financial goals. For example, the youth dedicated to studying finance from an early age will not only increase the odds of success, but also avoid the failure caused by financial illiteracy. A country of financially well-educated citizens will feature greater dynamism in its financial system and more efficiency in resource allocation of the entire economy.”

Seconde prize

1. Wen Wenyu from Malaysia

Why Should We Protect the Environment: “The earth has selflessly given us all the resources we need to survive, but we, acting in a selfish and greedy manner, just make endless claims without any appreciation or rewards.”

2. Julia Palmeira from Brazil

Chinese Impression & Chinese Impact: “I love China, and China is my second home. I am impressed by China’s hospitality, inclusiveness and perfect integration of modern and ancient styles. China has had a profound impact on me, and bestowed on me a deep understanding of passion, tolerance and Chinese wisdom.”

3. An Xiaona from Armenia

My Future Is Not A Dream: “I have mastered four languages, among which Chinese is my favorite, because Chinese is now spoken all over the world and Confucius’ words are going increasingly global.”

4. Yao Jiangling from Laos

My Future: “I want to travel by train on the China-Laos railway to China. While studying in China, I prefer to make more like-minded friends and learn more about Chinese culture. If it is possible, I hope more Laotian people will know and then love China through me.”

Third prize

1. Shi Shuming from the U.S.

My Chinese Dream: “I believe that if China and the U.S. can cultivate students interested in each other’s culture and language, there will be chances for cultural exchanges, mutual learning and enhanced friendship.”

2. Li Mengqi from Kyrgyzstan

Youth and Future & Environmental Protection: “In 2020, we all realized that human beings are just part of nature instead of the ruler. Therefore, we should live in harmony with nature for the prosperity of all mankind. Let’s work together to fight against environmental pollution.”

3. Li Feirong from Indonesia

Environmental Protection: “In spite of the limited effect of individual contributions, we can still start with little things around us and shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection. Generally speaking, given that the future is determined by ourselves, we should take the initiative to protect the environment!”

Congratulations to all the prize winners!

Source: ECNU Global Education Center

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yu Wenxi


East China Normal University