Shanghai Metro Line 15 brings great convenience to ECNUers


Running from Zizhu Hi-Tech Park Station in Minhang District and ends at Gucun Park Station in Baoshan District, Metro Line 15, 43km in total length, passes through Minhang, Xuhui, Changning, Putuo and Baoshan districts, connecting 9 universities and 3 national science and technology innovation parks. In its initial operation, 29 stations are put into use, all of which are underground stations.

As the highest-level fully automatic driverless rail transit line, Line 15can effectively shorten the headway and turnback time, improve the average travel speed, provide higher safety and reliability, and further improve the operation service quality and riding experience.

Since Changfeng Park and Zizhu Hi-Tech Parkstations are very close to ECNU’s Zhongbei and Minhang campuses, the metro line makes it easier for ECNUers to commute between the two campuses in the future.

In addition, many magnificent tourist sites are located along Line 15. Here is a selection of some essential visits if you take this line from north to south.

Gucun Park

Gucun Park is Shanghai's most famous cherry blossom viewing spot. In spring, the park holds its most important annual event, the Cherry Blossoms Festival, while in autumn, the sweet smell of osmanthus fragrance and the trees changing colours attract tourists far and wide.

Station: Gucun Park

Zhenru Temple

Zhenru Temple, located in the north of Zhenru Town, is an important historical monument under special preservation. With a history of over 800 years, the Temple was built in the Southern Song Dynasty and originally known as Zhenru Yard. It was rebuilt and renamed Zhenru Temple by Monk Yong’an in the reign of Emperor Jiading. In the seventh year of the Emperor Yanyou of the Yuan Dynasty (1320), Monk Miao Xin pooled funds to build the main hall, which is the oldest timberwork building of the Yuan Dynasty survived in the south of the Yangtze River Area.

Station: Gucun Park

Changfeng Park

Changfeng Park was opened in 1959. It borrowed the style of the Summer Palace and the landscaping techniques of Suzhou gardens. The park features an artificial hill, Tiebi Hill, and an artificial lake, Yinchu Lake, where tourists can boat and enjoy the scenery around. There are various facilities inside including Changfeng Ocean World Park, the first ocean theme park in China.

Station: Changfeng Park

Guilin Park

Established in the1920s as the private garden of Huang Jinrong, a major gangster in old Shanghai, Guilin Park keeps most of the aspects of traditional Chinese garden design. It received its current name due to the osmanthus trees in it. Just like any other ancient Chinese gardens,it is densely forested and exquisitely designed. This is one of the few parks in Shanghai featuring gates, lakes, grottoes, rocks, curved paths, animal-shaped stones, stele and pavilions. 

Shanghai Botanical Garden

Shanghai Botanical Garden is the biggest municipal botanical garden in China. It has a large collection of plants and flowers competing for beauty and charm every season.

Binjiang Wetland Park

Binjiang Wetland Park is located on the bank of the Huangpu River. Tourists can walk along a waterfront path and enjoy the beautiful view.

Author: Yuan Yiwei

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Photos by Shao Zhuang

Editor: Teresa Yu

Some of the pictures are sourced from the Internet.


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