@ECNUers! Welcome to ECNU New Year's Eve dinner!


Along with the arrival of the winter vacation will soon come the Spring Festival, one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals. During this period, people will reunite with their families at home, and have a family reunion dinner. However, in response to the situation of COVID-19 prevention and control in China, many ECNUers have decided to stay at school during the Spring Festival. For this reason, ECNU will prepare a grand dinner for them on the New Year Eve –and it will be free! Now, let's take a look at the dinner menu.

There are four different combo meals for students to choose and they are served with drinks, fruits, melon seeds and other snacks. Meanwhile, the university canteens will offer rice, pasta, beef-stuffed dumplings and other staple foods to cater to different tastes. On New Year's Eve, students staying on campus will get a free combo from the canteens with their campus cards.


Fried Shrimps with cashew nuts (腰果炒虾仁)

Fried yak meat with crispy pepper(脆椒耗牛肉)

Stewed ribs with grapefruit(金丝柚子骨)

Roast lamb with cumin(孜然焗羊肉)

Fish-fragrant gluten cooked with three delicacies(三鲜鱼面筋)

Fried mushrooms with tender green vegetables(菜胆炒香菇)


Meat dumplings(鲜肉水饺)


Baked prawns with salt and pepper(椒盐焗大虾)

Special fish balls in golden soup(特色金汤鱼圆)

Stuffed fatty meat pork(乡里稻香扎肉)

Fried beef with ginkgo and yam(白果山药牛肉粒)

Braised mutton with soy sauce(红烧羊肉)

Fried green vegetable with winter bamboo shoots(塔菜炒冬笋)

Chicken and mushroom soup(菌菇草鸡汤)

Chinese rice pudding(八宝饭)


Double boiled lamb soup(清炖羊肉)

Braised black carp with soy sauce(红烧青鱼)

Hot and spicy chicken (飘香辣子鸡)

Stir-fried eggs and tomatoes(番茄鸡蛋)

Fried broccoli with agaric(木耳西蓝花)

Mutton soup(羊肉汤)

Beef-stuffed dumplings(牛肉水饺)


Stir-fried lamb tripe(爆炒羊肚)

Braised prawns(油焖大虾)

Beef with cumin(孜然牛肉)

Stir-fried spinach with eggs(菠菜炒蛋)

Dry fried cauliflower(干锅花菜)

Fish head and tofu soup(鱼头豆腐汤)

Uygur lamb pilaf(新疆抓饭) 

It must be mentioned  that the free New Year’s Eve dinner has won strong support from Cheng Jing, an ECNU alumna of Grade 1989, who donated more than 3,500 kilograms of beef and mutton for the preparation of the set meals. 

To respond to the country's poverty alleviation policy and repay the society and my Alma Mater, We have bought all the yak meat and lamb from the national key poverty-stricken townships and counties. At this special moment of the year, may I wish you all a prosperous happy new year!” Cheng Jing said.

In addition, the university has also organized a series of Spring Festival activities for the students on campus. The Global Education Center of ECNU has prepared New Year gift packs for international students and the Faculty of Education held a calligraphic activity, writing “Fu”(meaning “fortune” in English) and springs couplets, which attracted many teachers and students. 

Source: Logistics Support Department,Global Education Center,Faculty of Education

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yu Wenxi


East China Normal University