Welcome back, ECNUers! Spring semester begins at ECNU


After the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the 2021 spring semester of East China Normal University (ECNU) officially begins today.

The familiar classrooms, libraries, delicious food in the canteens…ECNUers resume their study on this beautiful campus today!

How do ECNUers feel about the beginning of the new semester?

It's pretty good to be back at ECNU and see old friends, said Wang Xuewen from the Faculty of Education. She’s ready for this semester. “I’ll stay motivated and never procrastinate on my study,” Wang said.

“The winter holiday has gone, but I’m full of expectations for the new semester. This term I selected some courses I had long wished to take. I believe this is going to be a new beginning with hopes,” said Hu Jiayue, a Chinese student in her junior year.

Ni Houze, a graduate student from the school of Computer Science and Technology, is going to intern at ByteDance this semester. “Working as an intern is to adapt to the future work life. In university, what I worry about is only my study. My teachers and classmates often tolerate my mistakes. However, in society, I have to handle things myself,” said Ni.

Bonnie Chian from the United States is now in her junior year. “ I will soon face internships and graduation-related matters. I hope that during this semester, I can leave a good imprint on my university life.” She believes that her future doesnot lie with her, but in her own hands.

Many ECNU faculty and staff also prepared some small surprises for students at the beginning of the new semester.

To guarantee the full restoration of the teaching order, the university has also strengthened campus pandemic prevention and control. Security personnel at the school gate will check every entrant’s campus card(ID card) and monitor their body temperature.

Wish all ECNUers a fruitful and successful academic year.

Author: Shirley Wang, Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


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