Four bases selected as national top-notch bases


According to the list of “Top-notch Students in Basic Subjects Cultivation Program 2.0 Bases (2020)” released by the Ministry of Education, four bases of ECNU were selected. They are, the top-notch bases for mathematics, for physics, for geoscience and for psychology of “Yaoxiang Class”.

The national top-notch bases will establish and improve its systems and mechanisms to cultivate cutting-edge students majoring in basic subjects of different fields, guide outstanding students into basic scientific research, and create a favorable atmosphere for the development of top-notch talents in basic subjects. The purpose is to reform and innovate educational concepts and models, as well as teaching content and methods. Moreover, these bases will explore in this field and accumulate experience and excellent cases that can be popularized, so as to form a world-level top-notch talent cultivation system for basic disciplines with Chinese characteristics. They are expected to cultivate a number of outstanding talents who can scale the height of scientific research and promote scientific and cultural development.

Source: Academic Affairs Office

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University