ECNU issues 2020 employment quality report


A total of 8,230 students graduated from ECNU in 2020, with an employment rate of 96.21% by October 31, 2020.These graduates were employed in a wide range of industries, mainly in education, information technology and finance. Generally, the majority of graduates were engaged in industries related to education and training, accounting for 45.58% of the total number, and many of them preferred to work in key schools of basic education around the country. 2095 graduates in 2020 took a job in enterprises, of which 21.48% or 450 were recruited by world top 500 enterprises, which was an increase of 2.88% over the previous year. This number has kept rising for three consecutive years. More importantly, 17 enterprises have recruited more than 10 graduates, including Huawei, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Telecom and China Construction Bank. For all these achievements, more than 90% of the graduates have expressed their satisfaction with and recognition of the employment services provided by ECNU.

Source: Student Affairs Office

Copy editor: Philip Nash

 Editor: Yiwei Yuan


East China Normal University