ECNUers offer advice and suggestions in the two sessions of Shanghai in 2021


The Fifth Session of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress and the Fourth Session of the 13th Shanghai Municipal CPPCC were held respectively from January 24 to 27 and from January 23 to 26 in 2001. Three deputies to the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and 15 members of Shanghai CPPCC from East China Normal University attended the meetings. In addition, Ding Jinhong and Zhang Yihe, members of the 13th CPPCC National Committee in Shanghai, attended the Fourth Session of the 13th Shanghai Municipal CPPCC without voting rights.

ECNUers at the Fifth Session of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress

ECNUers at the Fourth Session of the 13th Shanghai Municipal CPPCC

During the meetings, ECNU deputies and members proposed their suggestions and recommendations over the economic and social development of Shanghai. Statistics indicated that they submitted more than 30 written suggestions and proposals, attracting wide media attention.

For example, Sun Zhuo proposed reforming the evaluation mechanism of universities and optimizing the talent cultivation system. Yang Rong suggested further improving the classification and evaluation of colleges and universities in Shanghai. Chen Zhenlou made several suggestions on strengthening ecological environment restoration and low-carbon green development in the Yangtze River estuary. Li Daoji proposed to accelerate the construction of a comprehensive decision-making platform for the world-class ecological island. Jiang Xuefeng suggested prioritizing science popularization for science and technology center construction.

Wen Jun proposed speeding up the building of the “Five New Cities” and further strengthening community prevention and control measures against public health emergencies.

Wu Ruijun offered suggestions over the new challenges in divorce registration after the implementation of the cooling-off period before divorce.

Chen Shenliang suggested utilizing the raised dredged soil in the deep-water channel of the Yangtze estuary to protect the ecological function of the wetland in the Hengsha Shoal.

Gao Xiangdong made proposals to promote the learning and use of smart phones for the elderly in Shanghai, building a highland of high-level medical talents in Shanghai, and developing a high-quality smart health care industry for the elderly.

Source: United Front Work Department

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yiwei Yuan


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