Contribution to CIIE: school leaders cheer up for ECNU volunteers


ON November 8th, university president Qian Xuhong, and Yang Changli, vice chairman of university council, as well as youth league leaders visited Shanghai National Convention Center to extend their regards to 76 ECNU volunteers, who devoted themselves to the volunteer work for CIIE.

President Qian Xuhong and Deputy Council Secretary Yang Changli visited volunteers on site.

Their visit was of a great surprise and delight to volunteers. “My sore leg due to the long-time standing is not painful at that moment”, said one of the volunteers with smile. Qian and Yang asked about volunteers’ work distribution and content, as well as their rest and diet. The volunteers shared their stories and experiences. “It is somewhat toilsome, but worth of our efforts.” Qian spoke highly of their volunteering spirits carried out by practices, contributing to CIIE with wisdom and power of ECNU students.

Qian prepared “energy book coupon” to each volunteer to render a better condition for them to perform their duty, encouraging them to imbibe nourishment for the mind when providing volunteering service and exhibit a distinguished profile of ECNU.

ECNU students provided volunteering service in the National Convention Center.

Since the commencement of CIIE, ECNU students provided volunteering service in the National Convention Center and “12345citizen hotline”, guiding the way for the audience and taking their questions. Most of our volunteers walked more than 30000 steps, received over 2000 visitors and being on duty for 13 hours every day, offering the best service to CIIE.

Translated by Siyuan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University