In pictures: over 18,000 ECNUers receive COVID-19 vaccination


27-28 March, the second round of COVID-19 inoculations at East China Normal University (ECNU) kicked off. More than 18,000 ECNUers signed up for the vaccination. Temporary vaccination areas were set up in the gymnasiums of Minhang and Zhongbei campuses.

Zhongbei campus

Minhang campus

“This injection is the gentlest one I've ever had. I could hardly feel that I was getting vaccinated. Some students may have concerns but there are very strict procedures for a vaccine to be approved. As long as the vaccine is approved by a strict medical system, it is reliable,” said President Qian.

President Qian gets vaccinated.

Seeing that school leaders and teachers have taken the lead in the vaccination, the students said they are more confident about getting vaccinated. The whole process is short, taking only 2-3 minutes, “said Tang Ming, a doctoral student of ECNU. By vaccination, I protect myself, fulfill my own social responsibility, and contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

In each of the gymnasium, 20 inoculation tables were arranged in two rows, vaccinating about 500 persons per hour. Following the guidance, ECNUers lined up orderly for temperature check, appointment code and IC card screening, informed consent submission, and injection in the vaccination area. 

ECNUers enter the vaccination site after swiping their ID cards and getting their temperature checked.

ECNUers read the informed consent and sign it on a voluntary basis.

ECNUers wait in line, maintaining a good social distance.

ECNUers stay an extra 30 minutes for observation after the vaccinations.

In the observation area, President Qian shared this experience with ECNUers and encouraged them to keep exercise and stay healthy.

An abnormal reaction control area was also set up, with emergency personnel standing by to prevent accidents and provide maximum security for teachers and students.


In case of serious adverse reaction, ECNUers should have a bland diet, rest well, drink more water and refrain from alcohol drink after the injection. 

Author: Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University