ECNU holds the assembly of teachers and cadres



On March 24, ECNU held the assembly of teachers and cadres. Mei Bing, Chair of ECNU Council, presided over the assembly and President Qian Xuhong reviewed the work of ECNU in 2020 and scheduled key work in 2021.

Minhang main venue

Zhongbei branch venue

Qian Xuhong briefed the audience on the university’s achievements in talent cultivation, scientific research and talent team building over the past year. He pointed out that ECNU has overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic last year and completed all its tasks satisfactorily. On behalf of ECNU, he extended sincere gratitude to all the faculty and staff for their diligent work.

Qian Xuhong summarized and reviewed the university's achievements over 2020.

Qian Xuhong arranged the key work of the university in 2021, including work related to educational excellence, academic excellence and the celebration of the university’s 70th anniversary.

Mei Bing pointed out that faced with heavier workloads and greater challenges in 2021, all ECNU cadres and teachers should join hands to overcome difficulties and press forward. Specifically, the university should aim higher and ensure the steady development of its undertakings. In line with the new stage and new pattern of development, it should strive to seek greater development in a period of strategic opportunities. Greater efforts should be made by all ECNUers to ensure the work of the university to be carried out in good order and efficiently.

Mei Bing presided over the assembly and made a speech.


Photos by Jin Yajun, Gao Wenyuan

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


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