The countdown begins: ECNU will hold ICME-14 in 100 days



The14th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-14) will be held at East China Normal University (ECNU) in 100 days! 

Hosted once every four years under the guidance of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI), ICME is the highest level of international conferences on mathematical education. 

ICME-14 is sponsored by ECNU and chaired by the university’s former president, Prof. Wang Jianpan, upon the entrustment of the Chinese Mathematical Society. This is also the first time for China to host the ICME.

Venue of ICME-14

ECNU Zhongbei campus

Due to the impact of COVID-19, ICME-14 was postponed in 2020 from 12-19 July to 11-18 July 2021. To ensure that experts and scholars from all over the world can participate in the event, the conference will be held in both online and offline formats.

Today, ECNU held a 100-day countdown ceremony to kick off ICME-14. We hope that this meeting can reach a consensus on solving important mathematical problems and put forward practical solutions. Prof. Gong Fuzhou, Secretary General of Chinese Mathematical Society and organizer of the congress, delivered a speech via video.

100-day countdown ceremony

Prof. Wang Jianpan, the Congress Chair, introduced in detail the current progress of the conference. The preparatory working group made detailed arrangements for the follow-up work, and refined the preparatory work plan for the conference.

Thus far, the total number of registrants had reached 3,243, of which 63 percent were reported from overseas, covering 121 countries and regions in the world.

Highlights of ICME-14
At the heart of the congress are four plenary lectures and three plenary panels. Other activities include four survey teams, more than 70 invited lectures, and 62topic study groups. With all these lectures, panels, and activities, the congress will cover the latest progress of global mathematics education research.Gu Lingyuan, founder of the renowned “Qinpu Mathematical Pedagogy” and honorable professor of ECNU, will deliver a plenary lecture at the congress, turning himself the second Chinese plenary speaker at the ICME after Prof. Hua Luogeng, who spoke at ICME-4 41 years ago.During the congress, Shanghai typical mathematical education mode that has drawn world-wide attention and that has been introduced into the basic education system of the UK, will also make its debut in the form of research groups, workshops, and discussions.
In an era when education system have been completely subverted by the Covid-19 pandemic, a team report will be added to the congress specifically that will focus on the challenges facing mathematics and mathematics education in the post-pandemic era.
In addition, July12, the day before the congress officially kicks off, is designated the Early Career Research Day. Famous international experts will be invited to discuss the formulation of research concepts and methods, the writing of research proposals, the implementation of research projects, and the publication of research results, in an effort to build a platform for the growth of scientific research workers during the initial stage.

We happily welcome your participation in the state-of-the-art discussions on mathematics education and the sharing of your practical experience.


Author: Xu Xincheng
Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University