Qingming – ECNUers honor the past, enjoy the warm spring



April 4th marks this year's Qingming Festival. 

Qingming, literally meaning clear and bright, is also the 5th solar term.

Qingming Festival is best known for the custom of tomb sweeping, a symbol to cherish the memory of the dead. 
ECNUers visited Longhua Martyr Cemetery of Shanghai to pay tribute to the martyrs for their heroic commitment.

However, Qingming is not only about tomb sweeping. Since by then the weather has become much warmer, people begin to change into lighter clothes and have spring outings.

On this day, people usually eat qingtuan, one of the most common traditional Chinese food during the Qingming Festival. It is a green, round dumpling filled with different stuffing.


Author: Yuan Yiwei

Designer: Luo Kexin

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University