The ECNU Mini Expo: A wonderful tour around the world


On November 24th, the Mini Expo of the International Cultural Festival was held at ECNU Zhongbei campus, thousands of Chinese and foreign teachers and students attended the event. The attractions were put together by students from more than 50 countries, across five continents, which began with an opening dance from a group of Ukrainan students.

Yang Changli, vice chairman of the University Council, said in her speech, internationalization has always been a prominent label of ECNU. The international culture festival has been held for 12 consecutive terms, engrossing fans from outside communities as well. 

Ren Ya, a first-year doctoral student and student representative from Russia, shared his experience at ECNU as a Chinese language learner. He was also the host of the international culture festival talent show last year. His study abroad life at ECNU has made him truly aware of the significance of great love of ECNU due to that ECNU gave him many opportunities to make friends from all over the world.

The exhibition was organized by students from 51 countries. Each booth was carefully arranged by students themselves and they used the gorgeous national costumes, exquisite handicrafts, delicious food and other elements to show off the culture of their own countries.

International students, teachers, students and citizens participated in the cultural activities of different countries in addition to the organizer's mini expo passport for audience: participants could obtain exclusive stamps from every booth and leave with a unique memorial. Students from all over the world praised each other who performed national songs and danced on the stage.

The theme of this event is to promote the sharing of international resources between Chinese and foreign students and motivate exchanges and integration between cultures. ECNU international culture festival also held a series of activities, including the on campus My China story, international students Chinese speech contest, Shanghai university international students badminton friendly competition and so on.

Over the years, ECNU has always adhered to the policy of stabilizing scale, optimizing structure, standardizing management and ensuring quality, and constantly promoted the internationalization process. ECNU has more than 6,000 oversea students from more than 130 countries, ranking among the top 10 in China. The university international cultural festival has been deeply loved and welcomed by teachers, students and the community. This has created a strong international atmosphere and set off the upsurge of multi-cultural elements onto the ECNU campus.

Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University