ECNU volunteers serve at 10th China Flower Expo


On May 21, a grand opening ceremony for the 10th China Flower Expo was hosted on the Chongming Island in Shanghai.

Over 3,500 volunteers from the universities in the city serve at the Expo. 60 ECNUers are volunteering for the expo. ECNU volunteers mainly served the Century Pavilion, one of the landmark venues in the Flower Expo garden, providing tourists with such services as field guidance and consultation, welcome and escort support, epidemic prevention and health promotion, and helping carry out other theme activities in the garden.

“This is my first participation in such a large volunteer activity. I’m so proud and excited,” said Wei Gongye, a 2018 History major from ECNU.

According to Li Xin, a Chinese Language and Literature major of ECNU, “I work at the exit of the Century Pavilion and receive a large number of tourists every day. I am very much affected by the smiles on the faces of the tourists.”

Wang Jiaqi, a Politics and Administration major of the 2020 class of ECNU, is proud of being a volunteer. She said, “I am so delighted to see that tourists’ needs are met with my help.” “It is our duty to serve every tourist well, and each volunteer is a brand name of ECNU”, she added.

Zhu Yongyan, a Chinese Language and Literature major of the 2020 class of ECNU, said, “We not only answered every question of tourists patiently, but also handled emergencies quickly. The work itself is trivial and painstaking, but we are all optimistic and willing”.

Although the volunteers from ECNU must work more than 12 hours a day, they stay at their posts and remain in high spirits. A total of 10 publicity volunteers and 60 service volunteers from ECNU are serving the event. Their selfless work and volunteering spirit guarantee the success of the flower expo.


Author: Xu Xincheng

Photo by: Wang Shile, Guo Shujiao, Zhu Yongyan 

Copy Editor: Joshua Mayfiled

Editor: Li Mengjie




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