ECNUers grow ecological rice on Mangzhong



Mangzhong, or Grain in Ear, falls on June 4th this year. It is the ninth solar term on the Chinese lunar calendar. A busy period for farmers sowing seeds, Mangzhong signifies the ripening of crops and the end of sowing activities.

Today, led by Deng Hong, an associate professor with School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, ECNUers arrive at the Chongming Island to plant the seeds and start another year of research on land improvement, soil modifiers and solutions.

Meng Yongqi, a student from the School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, said that as a student, there are not many opportunities to plant seeds in the scientific research field. This is a great opportunity for her to personally experience how ecological knowledge is applied to real-world situations.

Last year, the ecological rice grown by ECNU researchers on the Chongming Island saw a bumper harvest in autumn.

Their research findings helped raise the per unit yield of rice in the experimental group of ameliorated paddy fields by 16-128 percent, compared with the control group by increasing soil fertility, minimizing pest and disease threat, and reducing pesticide use.

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Author: Yuan Yiwei, Xu Xincheng

Designer: Luo Kexin

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University