ECNU film wins Shanghai Excellent Popular Science Award


With an emphasis on science, the video Nature Sounds - Crickets filmed by the Biological History Museum of ECNU won the 2021 Shanghai Excellent Popular Science Award.

Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, cricket breeding and fighting have become a popular entertainment. For this reason, crickets are considered insects of traditional Chinese culture and they are still very popular today.

Prof. Li Kai from the School of Life Sciences of ECNU shared some thoughts about this ancient tradition. “In the Tang Dynasty, some palace maids missed their families. They caught crickets in the wild and listened to their sounds to ease homesickness. The fighting crickets were also kept for entertainment in ancient China.”

There are more than 550 kinds of crickets in the world, with 350 different kinds in China. The Biological History Museum of ECNU houses one of the research centers for crickets in China. It has the largest collection of cricket species, with more than 30 specimen types.

The “Nature Sounds-Crickets” film shows the scientific research work on crickets, including the collection, recording, sequencing and identification of new species. Watching this film, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how crickets have enjoyed such popularity throughout ages in China.

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Author: Xu Xincheng

Photo by WeChat Officia lAccount "鸣虫分类”

Copy Editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Li Mengjie


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