ECNU and Sunlands Education kicks off strategic cooperation



The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Shanghai Sunlands Education Investment Development Co., Ltd. and East China Normal University (ECNU) was held at ECNU’s Zhongshan North Road Campus on June 8.

Present at the ceremony were Jiang Xiaoyong, Chairman of Shanghai Sunlands Education Investment Development Co., Ltd. and President of Shanghai Shangde Experimental School; Council Chairman Zhang Cai; Secretary Chen Ying; other members of Sunlands management team and teacher representatives. ECNU President Qian Xuhong, Vice President Sun Zhenrong and others representatives attended the meeting as well.

In his speech, Qian Xuhong pointed out that many famous educators, such as ECNU former President Liu Fonian and Prof. Qu Baokui, have emerged in the university’s centennial history, who have exerted significant impacts on China’s basic education. He expected that both parties will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in education internationalization and informatization. This will further promote the university’s effort for external expansion, create an original Chinese school while deeply rooted in China. Both parties should contribute to the national strategy of rejuvenating China through education.

Jiang Xiaoyong said in his speech that this agreement with ECNU marks a milestone in the development of the company. According to him, basic education should be conducted with earnest and patience and should focus on the needs of children and society.

Since the Sunlands Education covers all stages of education from the kindergarten to senior high school, it has explored the integrative aspects of domestic and international education, which offers good reference to basic education research at ECNU. Jiang believed that with their joint efforts, the two parties are sure to provide a fine model of education to society.


Author: Sun Wanyan, Wan Shu

Photo by Fu Zheqi

Source: Education Development Foundation

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


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