Class of 2021 graduates reflect on warm memories at ECNU


ECNUers of the Class of 2021 will receive their diplomas tomorrow. Graduates are to pose for graduation photos in their cap and gown on campus.

Each ECNUer has a memorable and unique story to tell about the journey that brought them to graduation day. They may tell us about a professor who changed their lives, a challenge they overcame, an experience that solidified their passion, or a memory that would never fade.

We celebrate the success of all our graduates and encourage you to read their stories to inspire your own journey of education.

During my four years at ECNU, I met many kind and knowledgeable teachers. Because of them, I’m no longer afraid of mathematics and finance, and become skilled in analyzing and solving professional problems. They are willing to communicate with students, they work hard to answer their questions after class, and they listen patiently to what students think.

I have met many classmates and have become close friends with many of them. I will never forget the days when we studied together in the library, watched the sunrise and sunset together, and walked in the playground under the stars. I believe these memories will always shine in my mind.

Zhu Linran

Faculty of Economics and Management

In the past four years, I have had successes, setbacks, and regrets. It is these failures that make me mature and brave. From unfamiliar to familiar, from youth to maturity, I have reaped unforgettable experiences and precious friendship in ECNU. 

I thank the school and the teachers for training and caring for me! After graduation, I will use what I have learned at work, keep my feet on theground, and be careful with each step I will take. Let us pluck up the courage and set off hand in hand!


International College of Chinese Studies

I will always miss the benevolence of people in ECNU. Whenever you are in trouble, there is always someone you could turn to for help. He or she could be your dorm manager, classmate, or even a guy you encounter on campus.

What impressed me most was that last semester. I was so desperate with Econometrics that I decided to give it up. One of my classmates shared her notes with me and taught me patiently. Finally, I got an A in the final exam.

Having immersed myself in this warm, family-like atmosphere, I became a friendly person who is ready to help. Even if I was in a rush to catch the school bus, I would stop to give directions to passersby. I felt relieved when a stranger found his lost smart phone because I turned it in to the Lost and Found Office. I think this kind of benevolence stands truly for “Love in ECNU”.

Lu Xingyu

Faculty of Economics and Management

It is time to say farewell, to every moment that I care. Hardly can I forget my walk along the Liwa River after a perfect dinner, from golden summers to silver winters. Never will I forget every tree or flower on campus, from hydrangea to verbena. I will always remember the edification from well-read professors; they have educated us, inspired us and fulfilled us. 

The deepest impression is the LOVE here. ECNUers never mind giving a hand when others are in need, from finding a card to saving a life. This great love has impressed me for the past four years. I will spread it wherever I go.

Zha Jinyin

School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

The four years I spent at ECNU were wonderful. In retrospect, these things made me feel nostalgic: every night after I came back from class, my team members and I brainstormed about science and technology innovation on the couch in the fifth dormitory. The next day after the bath water had washed away my tiredness, I faced the coming day bravely. I was in full spirit again and felt refreshed when the cold winter wind blew on my face. I love ECNU, because I spent my best years there.

Ni Houze

School of Computer Science and Technology 

What I miss most is the year-end party held by the Japanese Department. At the end of each year, we would hold a get-together for teachers and students. We danced in our freshman year; we hosted a party in our sophomore year. We packed small gifts exquisitely in the Huang Lingling Building, which were well received by the juniors. I love our lively Japanese department! I love ECNU!

You Yuqian

School of Foreign Languages

My four years of school have brought me countless warm and precious memories. The exchanges and interactions with my classmates and teachers, the learning gains, and the experiences in various activities have all impressed me deeply. My thanks go to the school for providing us with opportunities to participate in various academic and cultural activities. I love ECNU.

Bake Seohui

International College of Chinese Studies

It has been a great pleasure to spend my four years’ undergraduate life at ECNU. Here, I gained knowledge from professional and talented teachers. They inspired my academic thinking and taught me how to question and innovate. Here, I participated in various activities. I hosted many large-scale events such as the opening ceremony of the university. 

Under the guidance of the School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, I won the national championship in the Service Outsourcing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. These experiences not only broadened my horizons, but also enriched my after-school life. I will remember all these ECNU has brought to me.

Lu Mengjie

School of Computer Science and Technology


Author: Li Mengjie,Wang Xuewen

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Li Mengjie


East China Normal University