ECNU and SAGE to publish Asian Journal for Mathematics Education



ECNU and SAGE Publishing signed a contract online on June 18 to jointly publish an English-language research journal titled Asian Journal for Mathematics Education, which will be the first journal to be published in Asia in collaboration with the world's leading independent academic publisher.

The preparatory work for establishing the journal was jointly carried out by the School of Mathematical Sciences of ECNU and the Asian Centre for Mathematics Education.

Prof. Fan Lianghuo, Director of the Asian Centre for Mathematics Education, will serve as the founding editor-in-chief, and more than 20 well-known scholars from around the world (including the winners of Felix Klein and Hans Freudenthal Medals) will serve on the editorial board of the journal.

“Through this landmark cooperation in academic publication, it is expected to build a top-ranking international research journal to enhance the scholarly impact of ECNU, China and even Asia in the field of mathematics education internationally, thus jointly making a leading contribution to the development of international research on mathematics education.”

—— Prof. Fan Lianghuo

Asian Journal for Mathematics Education aims to publish high-quality original research and scholarly articles in various areas of mathematics education, including (but not limited to) teaching and learning of mathematics, mathematics curriculum and textbook research, mathematics teacher education and professional development, international and comparative study of mathematics education, use of modern technologies in mathematics education, and cross-disciplinary research involving mathematics education (e.g., STEM education with mathematics as one of the subjects).

Contributions submitted to this journal should be of specific relevance to Asia or of general significance to mathematics education worldwide. The journal particularly encourages submissions from the authors in Asia, but equally welcomes submissions from the other regions of the world.

The journal is published regularly four times a year. ECNU has set up an editorial office for the journal which is responsible for all editorial affairs such as selecting topics, soliciting contributions and reviewing contributions.

SAGE is responsible for all publishing affairs including the design and operation of the whole system of online submission and peer review, as well as the marketing and distribution of the journal. The journal is published mainly online with Open Access, but also in traditional print form.

Editorial office location:

Asian Centre for Mathematics Education/School of Mathematical Sciences, ECNU (Room 201, South Mathematics Building, Minhang Campus).



Source: School of Mathematical Sciences of ECNU

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University