Math experts form new branch to improve education standards in China


The Chinese Mathematical Society held an inauguration ceremony on Monday during the ongoing 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education to establish a Mathematics Education Branch.

Society chairman Tian Gang was appointed first chairman of the branch whose secretariat will be located at East China Normal University where the inauguration was held.

The motivation behind establishing the branch is to unite theorists and practitioners of mathematics education around the country, said Xiao Dongmei, vice chairman of the Society and director of its Education Committee.

It is also to promote mathematics education research, curriculum and teaching reform, professional development of mathematics teachers and international academic exchanges, Xiao said.

The branch will also be expected to help improve mathematics education and the nation's public mathematical literacy, enhance the cultivation of mathematics talent and promote traditional Chinese mathematical culture.

In future, it will carry out various forms of domestic and foreign academic exchange activities to improve the academic capability of its members.

It will also organize activities to help enhance contact between primary and middle school teachers and mathematicians.

Source: SHINES


East China Normal University