14th International Congress on Mathematical Education concludes at ECNU



On the evening of July 18, the week-long 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-14) successfully concluded at ECNU, accompanied by the song Auld Lang Syne.

The closing ceremony, held both online and offline, was presided over by Wu Yingkang, Co-chair of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of ICME-14 and Associate Professor of the School of Mathematical Sciences of ECNU. Mei Bing, Chair of the ECNU University Council, also attended the ceremony.

 “This is a memorable ICME; it has created a number of new records,” said Bao Jiansheng, Co-chair of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of ICME-14 in his summary speech for this conference.

More than 3,100 mathematicians and mathematics educators from 129 countries and regions all over the world registered and attended the congress, turning the event into one with the largest number of international participants. Among them were 1,641 Chinese representatives, more than twice the total number of Chinese attendees in the previous versions of ICME.

Bao Jiansheng, Co-chair of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of ICME-14 delivered his summary speech.

Since the opening of the congress, more than 30 Chinese TV stations, newspaper offices, news websites and clients have paid close attention to the opening ceremony, the plenary lectures, the thematic day with Chinese characteristics, and the latest research results, publishing approximately one hundred news reports. In addition, many print media including the China Daily have made full-page and front-page reports on this event. The opening ceremony was viewed online more than 570,000 times.

The congress organized four Plenary Lectures, three Plenary Panels, four Survey Teams, five ICMI ICMI Award Lectures, 66 Invited Lectures, 62 Topic Study Groups, 15 Discussion Groups, 27 Workshops, and National Presentations hosted by 4 countries or regions. 13 teams from various provinces and cities in China reported their latest research results on math education.

Bao Jiansheng pointed out that the rich and colorful academic activities and themed activities with Chinese characteristics are highlights of the conference. He believed that ICME-14 will exert a far-reaching impact on the research and practice of mathematical education worldwide.

Lena Koch, Director of International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) Office, Abraham Arcavi, former Secretary General of ICMI, and Jean Luc Dorier, Secretary General of ICMI, introduced ICMI in terms of its organizational structure, policy, research, education and dissemination.

Frederick K. S. Leung, President of ICMI, addressed the ceremony.

Frederick K. S. Leung, President of ICMI, addressed the ceremony in person, and expressed appreciation to the attendees for their spirit of persistent learning. He also stressed that the accomplishment of teachers will originate from continuous learning, and that despite the ending of the congress, the pursuit of mathematical education research will never stop. He also pointed out that the conference represents an excellent example of Chinese mathematical education going international.

Frederick K. S. Leung also extended appreciation and presented gifts to Bao Jiansheng and Xu Binyan, Co-chairs of the ICME-14 local Organizing Committee, and Wang Jianpan, congress Chair of ICME-14.

ICME-15 will be held from 7 to 14 July in 2024 in Australia.

ICME-15 will be held from 7 to 14 July in 2024 at the International Convention Centre Sydney. Prof. Kim Beswick, Head of the School of Education from the University of New South Wales, sent an invitation to the audience via video.

Wang Jianpan, Chair of ICME-14, delivered his summary speech.

Eight years have elapsed since the submission of the intentional bid for ICME-14 to ICMI in 2013. Despite the many difficulties and setbacks occurring in the preparation process, the congress is finally successfully hosted. In his summary speech, Wang Jianpan, Chair of ICME-14, once again expressed his gratitude to all those involved for their attention and support of the conference. The proceedings of this conference will be published by World Scientific Publishing Company in Singapore.

ICME-14 successfully concluded accompanied by the song Auld Lang Syne.

ICME, held every four years, is the largest international conference on mathematics education. It is the first time for China to hold ICME since it was initiated in 1969. ICME-14, held under the auspices of ICMI, takes place at the ECNU in Shanghai.

As the basis of natural sciences, mathematics is the foundation for the innovation and development of major technologies. Mathematics education is the core of basic education and props up the mathematics discipline and mathematics research.

The successful ICME-14 demonstrates the quality and achievements of Chinese mathematical education and provides a highly innovative example of Chinese mathematical education for the world. It also offers new insights for China to improve its overall level of mathematical education research and the quality of talent training.


Author: Xu Xincheng

Photo by Wu Xiaolan, Li Zhendong

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University