ECNUer Ge Manqi -- flying runner girl makes history at Tokyo 2020!



Ge Manqi, a student of East China Normal University (ECNU), finished at 11.20 seconds in the women's 100 meter preliminaries, and landed her spot in the semi-finals. She became the first Chinese athlete to enter the Olympic Games in the history of China's women’s 100 meter semi-final since 1984.

Gemanqi played in the first group. She ranked at fourth place with a final score of 11.20 seconds.

Ge Manqi is a 2017 undergraduate of the School of Physical Education and Health of ECNU. This is the second time she represented China in the Olympic Games. At this Olympic Games, Ge Manqi competed in the 100 meters race and 4×100 meter relay.

Ge Manqi, born in Sanming, Fujian in 1997, was admitted to the ECNU in 2017. In August 2013, Ge Manqi won the gold medal in the women's 100m final of the second Asian Youth Games at the age of sixteen.

After enrolling at ECNU, she participated in Shanghai and national college students' track and field competitions, winning the championship many times.

At the IAAF Diamond League in July 2019, Ge Manqi ran out of the women's 100m personal best score of 11.04 seconds. This score allowed her to successfully enter the Tokyo Olympic Games, which made her the fourth fastest 100m flying female in China.

On June 24, 2021, in the women's 100m final of the national track and field championship and National Games qualification, Ge Manqi won the championship in 11.15 seconds. She also got the best individual season record at 11.19 seconds, and ranked first in Asia this year.


Source: Chinese Athletics Team, etc.

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