ECNU volunteers sow seeds of love in Chinese rural areas



During this summer, ECNU staff and students sowed seeds of love in regions all over China. They spent their summer holiday volunteering to teach in primary and middle schools around the country.

ECNU volunteers from the School of Physical Education and Health of ECNU visited Xinglong Primary School in Guizhou Province and offered football training for the local students, knowing that there are nearly 300 students but only 2 young and inexperienced P.E. teachers in the school.

Yuan Chun, a teacher from the School of Physical Education and Health, taught four professional courses to local teachers, including “KDL Sports and Health Course”.

We also organized a football carnival where we played football with local teachers and students to develop a closer relationship with them. This is the first football carnival of Xinglong Primary School and we can see that the students had great fun.”

In the future, we hope to have more opportunities to help the local teachers learn to organize school-wide sports activities, let children fully enjoy the fun of football, and make the football dreams of left behind children come true in Yuanshan Village, said Yuan Chun.

Habibur Rahman, a Bangladeshi student from ECNU’s School of Advanced International and Area Studies, also volunteered to teach English in Wuyishan Central Primary School at Jiangxi Province with other ECNUers. The event was organized by the ECNU Education Development Foundation.

I feel lucky to be here, doing a little bit of work to help poor areas and experience the local culture. Wuyishan is not a developed town, but the people are welcoming,” said Habibur.

Habibur taught students oral English through expressions about nature, Bangladesh, sports, Chinese culture and foreign festivals. “Initially, the children were afraid to speak English, but as they became more familiar with and received more encouragement from the volunteer teachers, they gradually opened up their hearts in class.”

Habibur saw the same resilience and intelligence among students as those in big cities. He also saw the rural children’s uniqueness. “One thing that impressed me most during this activity is that when a child found me eating with chopsticks, he worried it might be difficult for me, so he ran over and gave me a spoon. I was so moved by him.”

This experience also contributed to his overall thoughts on volunteering. “I believe that helping others by volunteering changes you. It can be one small thing that completely changes your outlook or a series of moments that shape you into a different person. Whether you volunteer for a few hours a week or decide to take the leap and dedicate your life to helping others, I promise it will change your life in a way money or other material objects never can.”

To help rural students with their computing skills, 13 students from the School of Computer Science and Technology of ECNU offered a summer camp for the students of Yancheng Experimental Senior High School of ECNU in Jiangsu Province.

Dr. Wu Xingjiao showed a Raspberry Pi-based Python Programmable Car to the students. He encouraged the students to acquire a working knowledge of Raspberry Pi and to use it for coding. The students were also taught how to write basic programs in Python.

The children here are sincere, kind and steadfast. Since they lacked knowledge of computing, I tried to deliver the lessons step by step. I felt a great sense of satisfaction being able to use what I had learned to help other people’s growth,” said Wu Xingjiao.

Wu hopes this experience can encourage some of the students to dream of new possibilities, both academically and for other purposes in their life.

ECNUers are basking in the great love of the university, but they never forget to pass on this great love to others.


Author: Yuan Yiwei, Li Mengjie

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yuan Yiwei


East China Normal University