Welcome to ECNU: a beautiful and vibrant place to call home


Welcome, New Students! We’re So Glad You’re Here! Now it’s time to start your journey at ECNU. We know that starting one’s university life is exciting, but it can be overwhelming at first. We’re here to help you settle in to your university life.

Study at ECNU

Study on campus is one of the most important parts of your university life. On both Putuo and Minhang campuses, there are many places for you to concentrate on your learning. 

Library on Minhang campus

ECNU libraries house an extensive collection of books, journals and other materials, covering a wide range of subjects including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and applied technology. They also offer a powerful digital catalogue system where you can easily access academic materials.

Ideal places to study on campus

Life at ECNU

Life at ECNU isn’t always about attending classes and hitting the books. The university and the Student Union carry out a variety of activities throughout the year. There are also over 110 student clubs catering for different interests. 

Student clubs on Putuo campus

Student clubs on Minhang campus

In addition, the university holds a variety of sporting activities, with a wide range of exceptional indoor and outdoor facilities based on campus. The university also has several sports clubs run voluntarily by students. You can join these associations to explore interests and socialise with like-minded people. 

International Student Club is recruiting new members

ECNU offers a distinct and high-quality catering service to every student living on campus. You can use the campus card (which also functions as a meal card) to eat at every canteen.

Xiayu Canteen on Minhang campus has just completed renovation and reopens to students. This modern dining hall can accommodate about 2,000 diners. The riverside seatings of Xiayu Canteen are designed as leisure areas where you can study, chat with each other or simply relax yourselves.

Xiayu Canteen


Transportation between ECNU and other parts of Shanghai is very convenient. ECNU offers shuttle bus services to its faculty and students between Putuo and Minhang campuses. 

If you want to travel by public transport, you can find Jinshajiang Road station (Line 3, 4 & 13) near the Main Entrance on North Zhongshan Road in front of the Putuo campus and Zizhu High-tech Park station (Line 15) next to the West Entrance on South Lianhua Road near the Minhang campus. 

Shanghai Metro Line 15 brings great convenience to ECNUers

On the campuses, ECNU pink bikes co-branded with Hello Bike make getting around campus fun and eco-friendly. 

New easier-to-read way finding signs are going up this summer on campus. The new signs improve way finding and more accurately call out new buildings, roads and parking lots.

In addition, thanks to the donation and support of our alumnus, Mr. Cheng Jing, the renovation for university gate (Daxia gate) at No. 5777, South Hongmei Road, Minhang campus has been completed. ECNUers can now enter or leave the campus through this gate.

                                                     Shanghai and beyond

Shanghai has many incredible places, including Shanghai Museum and many beautiful scenic spots like the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, and Xintiandi, to immerse yourself in arts, history and culture.

While the campus is fun, don’t forget to make the most of all the other things Shanghai and nearby cities offer for entertainment and learning.


To make sure you are informed of the latest happenings on campus, please visit the university homepage at english.ecnu.edu.cn

Finally, we want to highlight that ECNU is approaching its 70th anniversary, and plans are under way for a grand celebration of this event. We want all ECNUers to be part of the celebration, whether online or in person. So please stay tuned for the schedule of the celebration.

70th anniversary website: https://70.ecnu.edu.cn/

ECNU is a vibrant, beautiful place with so many things to explore. Hope you make “Every Moment Count” on ECNU campus!

Author: Xu Xincheng, Yuan Yiwei, Li Mengjie

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor:Li Mengjie


East China Normal University