ECNU and Swedish university jointly held "Aurora" exhibition of contemporary works


25 November, The College of Fine Arts of East China Normal University and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sweden jointly held the Aurora exhibition of contemporary works at the Chinese Cultural Center in Stockholm, Sweden. The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts is an academy with a profound cultural heritage and longstanding tradition in the arts.

Openning ceremony for the exhibition.

This exhibition is the first time the two fine arts academies joined together for a project in which the artistic expression and communication on both sides intends to further develop in exchange and co-operation for the field of education.

 Zhang Xiaoling, director of the College of Fine Arts of ECNU and his art work.

The curator for the exhibition was Zhang Xiaoling, director of the College of Fine Arts of ECNU, who stated that the jointly-held exhibition is of great significance not only for the communication between artists, but also the communication between the two academies of fine arts in education.

Art works from other teachers at ECNU's Academy of Fine Arts. 

ECNU's Academy of Fine Arts attaches great importance to the teachers' level of creativity and encourages them to actively participate in international contemporary art exhibitions, so that, in respect to international trends, their future works will be based on contemporary ideas that bear a certain kind of representativeness to the immersion of education and fine arts.

Heated discussion among artists on scene.

Artists from ECNU's Academy of Fine Arts and  the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sweden.

Edited by Linlan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


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