Yuan Xiaoyi elected as Vice President of Shanghai Writers' Association


On December 17, the 10th general meeting of the Shanghai Writers' Association was held in Friendship Hall of the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Wang Anyi was re-elected as president at a new session of the council and presidium of the Shanghai Writers' Association. ECNU Professor Yuan Xiaoyi, dean of the School of Foreign Languages of East China Normal University, was elected as vice president of the Shanghai Writers' Association.

Yuan Xiaoyi is a professor of French languages and literature, doctoral supervisor, dean of the Foreign Languages College; she's also vice president of Shanghai Translators' Association, a member of presidium of Shanghai Writers' Association, and director of the foreign literature group.

The 10th general meeting of the Shanghai Writers' Association.

In 1989, Professor Yuan enrolled in the French department of ECNU whereupon during her undergraduate years she wrote a short story titled Dusk Rain in French - it won the first prize in the French young writers competition and was very influential on the rest of her professional writing career.

Her translations of French literature works include many famous literary classics: Rousseau's The Reverie of A Solitary Rammer;  Le Clizio's The Wandering Star , The African and The Invisible Continent;  Raul Adair's The Biography of Duras; and Milan Kundera's Life Elsewhere.

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