Professor CHEN Jiyu is one of the most famous experts of Estuarine and Coastal Research in China and a pioneer in applying this theory into engineering practice.



1947- master’s degree in Department of History and Geography of School of Science, Zhejiang University



12/1999- selected as academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

1996- selected as academician of International Academy of Sciences for Europe and Asia(IASEA)

1978- professor, PHD program supervisor, head and honorary director of Estuarine and Coastal Research Institute, ECNU in sequence

1952-1978- instructor and associate professor in ECNU



Chen Jiyu contributes a lot to the study and practice of Estuarine and Coastal research among which one of his most important services is his investigation in the influence of the “Three Gorges Project” on the Yangtze River estuary ecological environment which enables him to have made great contributions to the exploration and engineering construction of China’s costal zone, especially in water resources, tideland reclamation and embankment works.

He published over 150 papers and was once issued the National Labor Medal and praised as the one of the national advanced educators. He also won one first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and another 15 Science and Technology Progress Awards of provincial level.