2019“Night by the Liwa River”New Year's Concert


On Dec. 26, the 2019 ECNU “Night by the Liwa River” Concert held a magnificent performance at the Hongqiao Arts Centre. The warm, enthusiastic atmosphere in the venue was embodied by the gathering of almuni, donors, students and faculty within the audience of nearly 1,000.

2019“Night by the Liwa River”New Year's Concert is held at the Hongqiao Arts Centre.

The live performance was streamed online for all ECNUers. The concert was led by the ECNU Symphony Orchestra, the dean of the School of Music Hekun Wu, and Professor of Music Lin Chang. The concert marked a new beginning for the year of 2019.

Chairman of the university council, Shijun Tong gives the openning speech.

The dean of the School of Music Hekun Wu.

Professor of Music Lin Chang.

The two professional hosts for the concert, ECNU alumni Mengran Zhao and Miao Ting.

Since the 40 years of China’s “opening up and reform”, the musical arrangements have manifested the historical moments that are widely appealed to the masses of Chinese society.  The orchestra played with a festive spirit to celebrate the new year. Music about the Chinese New Year along with other holiday tunes and fabulous arrangements by young soprano Lingyuan Gao and violinist Xin Jin made up the emotional exuberance and rhythmic melodies of sound felt by the audience.  

The orchestra played with a festive spirit to celebrate the new year.

Young soprano Lingyuan Gao.

Violinist Xin Jin.

Vera, a student from Belarus, added a peculiar twist to the familiar song Hook of Crescent. While the popular Bel Canto Band Vocal Force brought three traditional Italian songs and the emotional performance of Our Shanghai, which culminated into the concert’s most superb series of performances.  

Vera sang the familiar song Hook of Crescent.

The popular Bel Canto Band Vocal Force.

The symphony orchestra.

The symphony orchestra also performed Orchestral Music Masquerade Waltz, the classical Dance of the Clowns, the prelude of Boccaccio, the prelude of Swan Lake Suite, and the famous My Homeland.

Before stepping down from the stage, they sent their sincere wishes to the entire audience.

The Encore Radetzky March brings the concert to a climactic ending.

The Encore Radetzky March brought the concert to a climactic ending. The audience members were clapping their hands with the beat, cheering and whistling, when the conductor Hekun Wu faced the audience for a warm-hearted interaction. The sound of the applause from the audience reverberated off the walls and exploded throughout every corner of the building like a bundle of fireworks setting off into the sky. 

The concert instilled hopes into the audience for the future, in anticipation of the new year. 

The live performance is streamed online for all ECNUers

The 2019 ECNU “Night by the Liwa River” concertwas jointly hosted by the ECNU Alumni Association and ECNU Education Development Foundation, and organized by the ECNU School of Music. The purpose of the show was to express gratitude towards all of the devoted alumni and concerned friends for their support over the past year, sending them off into the new year with the best of wishes and wonderful music.  

Started in 2014, the concert is now regarded as a distinguished feature of culture and music. It is said that in order to celebratethe new year, one must bid farewell to the past.  

The event was co-organized by the University Office, Publicity Department, Information Office, and other departments. It also received support from other ECNU alumni associations and student volunteers.

Translated by Linlan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


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