DaXia Bookstore debuts in Shanghai


ON December 21th, the opening ceremony of the Daxia Bookstore was held outside of the Zhongbei campus. The official university bookstore represents the the emergence of the convergence of humanities at ECNU.

Covering over 200 Square meters, the Daxia Bookstore is located on the north side of the main entrance of ECNU’s Zhongbei Campus. It manages more than 10,000 kinds of books, while offering a variety of coffee and creative cultural products in the store.

The Daxia Bookstore launched a trial operation in accordance with the 67th anniversary of ECNU on October 16th, 2017. During the trial period, over 10 events were held including “Opening-up To Alumnus Day”, “Writer’s Book Signing Sessions”, and “Youth Forums”.The events drew the crowds attention to the societal aspects of the bookstore.

Now that all the necessary standards for preparation had been met, Daxia Bookstore officially set off for its much-anticipated opening to teachers, students and readers.

Daxia Bookstore.

“We hope that Daxia Bookstore will be a place for the students and faculty at ECNU, citizens in Putuo district, and those from all over Shanghai, so that they can come to experience the convergence of humanities”, remarked Yan Wang, president of ECNU Press.

She also stated that the original purpose of the bookstore was to establish a place that could provide valuable books for scholars, authors and readers, in addition to serving as a space to bridge humanities and cultural communication.

Daxia Bookstore provided a comfortable and elegant place for reading.

Based on the conception of “studying the humanities as general education and enriching the boundary of knowledge”, a three-part series of events are planned to take place at Daxia Bookstore: Jiangnan Culture Series”, “Daxia Group-Study Meetings”, and “The Way of the University.”  

The series of Jiangnan culture is set to promote the spread of Jiangnan culture in society, and to facilitate contributions to the Shanghai“cultural brand”.  

The series of “Daxia Group-Study Meetings” were put together to pass on the premium content from higher education to society, meanwhile bringing into play the functional role of higher education in the development of the city’s culture.  

“The Way of the University” is a series for students to concentrate on general education.The series hopes to illuminate a new inspiration and vigor for students to converse about their studies and share knowledge.

Translated by Siyuan Zhang     Proofread by Joshua Mayfield     Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University