First National University Seal Cutting Conference Held


On the morning of January 1sttheChinese university student’s seal-cuttingcreationconference was held live at the ECNU Stadium. Over 120 national exhibition representatives from 80 universities participated.

First national university seal cutting conference held at ECNU.

Under the theme: “Never forget why you started, enshrine the school motto, and promote the humanitarian spirit of universities”, the ECNU school motto as the content for the live creations was adopted by the artists .  

Meanwhile, experts on calligraphy and seal-cutting arts from various Chinese universities came to provide their own guidance in person. 

Experts on calligraphy and seal-cutting arts come to provide guidance. 

The sponsors arranged a live online telecast based on an innovational approach, spreading the ancient form of Chinese seal-cutting art to hundreds and thousands of families across the country through modern technologies. 

At 9:40 am, students started their seal works’ creation. The host randomly picked some of participants for questioning on their works. He asked about their creative styles as well as the implications for the school’s motto.

The conference lasted 2 hours. School mottos such as “Be realistic and creative; be the paragon as a teacher”, etc., were presented on the grand screen.

Live stream interview of one participant.

“I am so proud of participating in this grand event. ECNU’s school motto is ‘Be realistic and creative; be the paragon as a teacher’. It is very meaningful to engrave our school motto and to design the printing screen of it, in an effort to spread our university spirit on the first day of a new year.”

ECNU students create seal cutting of university motto.

“This seal art exhibition assembled university students who are passionate about seal cutting. Unlike the former mode of seal training, the talents of calligraphy and seal cutting will be inspired by the systematic training from universities and have more impetus in creation.” Ennan Jin, the youngest member of Xiling Seal Art Association, also a student from Chinese Academy of Art, expressed his opinion on the future of Chinese seal art.

Seal cutting Process.

Seal cutting work exhibition.

This year’s Chinese university student’s seal-cuttingcreationconference was part of a series of events of the Chinese university students’ seal-cutting arts exhibition. The series also included the opening ceremony, lectures, experts of seal-cutting experts, and seminars on the teaching in universities of seal-cutting arts.

It was the first time that the seminar on this theme had been held. It has far-reaching influence on developing Chinese seal-cutting teaching and in promoting the construction of curriculum on calligraphy and seal-cutting, respectively. Much emphasis was put towards the development in Chinese higher education.

Translated by Siyuan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University