Sino-Israel innovation and startup summit held


The Sino-Israel Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurs Summit is held at ECNU.

A Sino-Israel Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurs Summit, co-sponsored by ECNU-University of Haifa Joint Translational Science & Technology Research Institute and ECNU Education Development Foundation, was held on June 5. 

More than 300 ECNU professors and students and experts from home and abroad attended the summit at the Science Hall of ECNU’s Zhongbei campus, including entrepreneurs from ECNU Alumni Association and executives from the Listed Companies Association of Shanghai, Midea Group, Shanghai Business School, Feimalv (an agency serving innovative startups), and the Reading Club of ABC Group, China’s premier financial service platform. 

Wang Rongming

Liu Mingyao

Sheizaf Rafaeli

Wang Rongming, vice president of ECNU, delivered an opening speech. The summit was presided over by Liu Mingyao, head of ECNU School of Life Sciences and a professor of ECNU-University of Haifa Joint Transnational Science & Technology Research Institute.

Wang extended a warm welcome to the presences of the honored guests at the summit, among whom was Sheizaf Rafaeli, a renowned Israeli researcher, the founding director of the Israeli Center for the Study of the Information Society, and a professor with the University of Haifa.

Wang said scientific innovation is a strategic support to the upgrade of social productivity and comprehensive strength of a country, and China's 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative has created new opportunities for future cooperation between China and Israel. ECNU, which is predominant in basic theory and disciplinary crossing and integration, is looking forward to more exchanges and cooperation with the University of Haifa in translational science and technology research, and to contributing to the scientific innovation of the two countries by developing more production-study-research cooperation projects.

Prof. Liu gave a brief introduction to the founding of the ECNU-University of Haifa Joint Translational Science & Technology Research Institute and elaborated on its development plan, cooperation mode and mechanism, goal and key projects.

Rafaeli interacts with the audiences.

During a speech themed “Israeli Spirit of Innovation and Startups”, Rafaeli approached from the general trend of Israel's scientific innovative industry and made an in-depth illustration of the characteristics of Israeli startups as well as opportunities and challenges the firms face in a time of globalization with examples of Intel, IBM, Google and some Israel's homegrown startups.

His speech struck into the hearts of the audience that Israel is a startup nation, which shed light on the innovative development of Shanghai as a metropolis, the innovation and transition of Chinese enterprises, and cooperation between Chinese and Israeli high-tech enterprises.

In a following question and answer session during the summit, the participants discussed with Rafaeli on cultivation of innovation consciousness in Israeli children education, intellectual property right protection, new challenges facing China's listed companies, and new cooperation modes of Chinese and Israeli companies.

Participants of the summit pose for a group photo.

ECNU-University of Haifa Joint Translational Science & Technology Research Institute makes use of high-level scientific research of superior subjects of the two universities to conduct high-end innovative scientific research, highlighting the transformation of research achievements of life sciences and new medicines, neuroscience and brain science, ecological and environmental engineering and data science.  

The summit aims to build a bridge between companies, especially high-tech innovation startups, and the institute to enhance transformation of scientific research achievements.


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