Chinese calligraphy lecture fascinates students in Berlin


Prof. Zhou gives a Chinese calligraphy lecture at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

A Chinese calligraphy lecture was given at the Humboldt University of Berlin on Monday evening, attracting dozens of Chinese and German students to learn about the charisma of the traditional art form.

“It is known that calligraphy is the art of writing, but are those foreign friends who don't know Chinese characters able to create calligraphy works? My answer is yes.”said the lecturer Zhou Bin, a professor from the East China Normal University in Shanghai.

Zhou has specialized in introducing Chinese calligraphy to the outside world for years. With lectures and personal exhibitions held in different countries, he has developed a unique way to teach foreigners to write with brush pens.

Prof.Zhou exchanges views with the students.

At the seminar hall where the lecture was held on Monday night, different calligraphy works were hung around, many of which were accomplished by Zhou's students from all over the world. The one in the center is from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Ban's work “stands for the pursuit of beauty and peace with beautiful lines,” Zhou said. He has taught Ban calligraphy since 2011.

“Calligraphy can be border-free like other art forms such as music, painting etc.” Zhou added.

“This is my first time to get so close to Chinese calligraphy. I thought it would be hard, but now I find it very interesting and accessible.”Matthhisas Schoenborn said.

Schoenborn went to China for one year during his study for a master degree. He has become fascinated with Chinese culture since then.

In Zhou's lectures before, teaching instruments like Chinese lanterns, T-shirts were frequently used so that students could write on them and preserve their creations.

“Chinese calligraphy stands for our long history and rich culture and I am trying to promote it in a down-to-earth and more acceptable way.”Zhou said.

Source:Xinhua News


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