2016 undergraduate Elite Classes inaugurated


A grand ceremony was held on September 28 to inaugurate four Elite Classes of undergraduates admitted to ECNU this year.

It was the first opening ceremony for the advanced classes since the university launched the courses in partnership with five institutions affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) last year.

A grand ceremony is held to inaugurate four Elite Classes of undergraduates admitted to ECNU this year.

This year, the classes select 116 from 358 freshmen who applied. The classes are expected to pilot reforms in teaching and curriculum, and to set an example to others in being diligent in study.

Special classrooms have been set aside for the classes only and a management commission consisting of class advisers and tutors has been founded to oversee teaching. The classes have also set up a scholarship to award excellent students.

ECNU President Chen awards certificates to tutors of the Elite Classes.

Tutors of the Elite Classes deliver speeches on the ceremony.

Officials and researchers from ECNU's five partners in the establishment of the classes attended the ceremony, including Yang Xueming, an academician of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics; Kong Wei, a researcher with Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences; Li Ruxin, director of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics; Ma Dawei, vice director of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry; and Dai Ning, vice director of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics.

Class activities are held after the inauguration ceremony.

ECNU president Chen Qun and vice president Sun Zhenrong, CAS academician He Mingyuan, and representatives from the School of Life Sciences, School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, School of Physics and Materials Science, and School of Information Science Technology were also present at the ceremony.

ECNU and Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences jointly opened the first biological science Elite Class in April last year. One year later, the university signed deals with the other four partners this April to open three more Elite Classes on physics, chemistry and microelectronics.The microelectronics class is scheduled to recruit no more than 25 students each year while the other three classes allow no more than 30.

AcademicianYang Xueming gives a lecture to students of the Elite Classes.

Academician He Mingyuan gives a lecture to students of the Elite Classes.

Special teaching programs have been tailored for the classes, which give priorities to :interdisciplinary study and research training. The classes stick to the principal of teaching in small groups and deploy a strong teaching team comprising ECNU professors and CAS academicians.


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