Taiwan original musical “Letter from Home” on stage


Taiwan original musical “Letter from Home” was performed in ECNU on October 11, deducing the value of love of families in the island province.

Produced by Beiyue Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and created by the Performing Arts Institute of National Taiwan Normal University, the play was invited to attend the 9th China International Youth Arts Festival and the Support Program of Young Artists and Art Creation Week, part of the 18th China Shanghai International Art Festival. 

The performance was a great success when it was staged in Beijing at the end of September.

“Letter from Home” is performed in ECNU.

The 100-minute musical provoked viewers to ponder the distance between lethe and heart. Tainan is 323 kilometers away from Taipei and it takes 107 minutes to commute between the two cities by high-speed train, 256 minutes by bus, and 4,320 minutes by walk. But do you know how long does it take to bring two hearts together? Inspired by personal experience, the playwriter tells the story of mother and daughter of three generations, who communicate with each other by exchanging diaries to read. The story reflects collision of child-raising ideas of different generations, fashions characters of women in different ages, and discusses the fetters and change of concepts of single-parent families, as well as the relations between dementia patients and their family members.

The performance is vivid and full of artistic tension.

The play easily carried the audience away, revealing contradictions of interests and feelings, affection and sense, single parent and dementia, and family and individuals. The performance was vivid and full of artistic tension and the three actresses switched freely between roles, adding endless artistic charm to the play that found an echo with the audience.

ECNU has been devoted to introducing high arts into the campus to satisfy demands of classic arts lovers. It has maintained close cooperation with National Taiwan Normal University since the two became sister universities in 2011. 

The musical, undertaken by ECNU Cultural Advancement Committee Office, has not only enriched campus life, but deepen the emotional bonds of both universities and enhanced communication and integration of mainland and Taiwan cultures.

More performances are on the way. Schedules are as follows. The campus network will keep you posted about tickets, time and address of the performances. 

Performance Schedules:


World Opera Classical Concert

Add: Siqun Hall, Zhongshan North campus 

Time: 6:30 p.m., Nov. 6 (Sunday)

Performer: China National Opera


2016 Shanghai International Art Festival Campus Tour

Fantasy - Hungarian Cultural Week Famous Hungarian Soloist Concert

Add: Concert Hall of Department of Music, Minhang campus

Time: Nov. 11 (Friday)


Yue Opera “Meng Lijun”

Add: Concert Hall, Zizhu International Education Park, Minhang

Time: 6:30 p.m., Dec. 1 (Thursday)

Performer: Shanghai Yue Opera Troupe


Huai Opera “Alley Life”

Add: Siqun Hall, Zhongshan North campus

Time: 6:30 p.m., Dec. 8 (Thursday)

Performer: Shanghai Huai Opera Troupe


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