A costume festival goes beyond clothes


The excitement of the 1st Chinese and Foreign Student Costume Culture Festival electrified the air, as models of different colors and races in a bewildering variety of traditional clothing paraded on the catwalk in the Fashion Center of the North Zhognshan Road campus on the night of November 22.

Sponsored by ECNU Cultural Construction Fund, the festival, titled “Showing World”,  was hosted by the university’s Publicity Department and International College of Chinese Studies. 

The performers in 11 groups were students from Russia, Indonesia, Belarus, Nepal, South Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand and China. Spectators were treated to dazzling traditional garment variations of the countries, including Russian Salafan and Lu Bach, Indonesian Batik, Belarus costume, Nepalese sari and Punjab costume, traditional Korean costume, Mongolian gown, Japanese kimono, Thai barrel skirt and sarong, Chinese Hanfu, Qing imperial costume and Cheongsam, also known as qipao. The audience was astounded by a wealth of historical and cultural deposits contained in the clothes. 

The festival peaked as the performers staged traditional art performances of different countries after the catwalk show, such as folk dance and music, instrumental performances, a cappella, and dumb shows. The appearance of adorable Kumamon, Japan’s most popular bear, was a pleasant surprise.

Interactive activities held alternately during the performances enlivened the atmosphere, offering the audience a chance to get involved, such as simulating catwalk, wearing Hanfu, and Q&A.


East China Normal University