School of Mathematical Sciences inaugurated


TO mark Pi Day on March 14, ECNU inaugurated the School of Mathematical Sciences embarking a new beginning of arithmetic and scientific development for the university and hold the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π.  

At the Students’ Center of the Minhang Campus, ECNU University Council chairman Tong Shijun and president Qian Xuhong witnessed the opening of the new school.. Fang Ping, deputy Party chief of ECNU, announced that Jia Zhi will be the Party chief of the school while Tan Shengli will be the dean.  

After the ceremony, there was a short run held for the 300-strong students and faculty of the new school who ran from the living quarter to the school building.  

Originating from the Department of Mathematics, the new school comprises six departments, two labs, six research centers, three institutes and one official magazine. They are the Department of Basic Mathematics, Department of Mathematics Education, Department of Data Mathematics, Department of Intelligent Mathematics, Department of Financial Mathematics, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Core Mathematics and Practice, ECNU Sino-French Basic Mathematics Joint Lab, Institute of Systems Science, Shanghai Center for Research in Mathematics Education (ECNU), Shanghai High-level Overseas-Educated Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base (Mathematics Innovative Research Base), “Mathematics Teaching” magazine, and the East China International Mathematics Center and Asian Mathematics Education Center, which are currently under construction.  

ECNU boasts a long and glorious history in mathematics and is known as the cradle for math gurus like Hu Hesheng and Xi Nanhua, academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, Stephen Z.D. Cheng, an Chinese-American physicist who is a member of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States, and Prof. Guan Meigu, who coined the name “Chinese postman problem”, or CPP, which finds a short, closed path or circuit that visits every edge of a (connected) undirected graph.  

At the beginning of China’s Reform and Opening up Policy, the university’s Math Department led by Cao Xihua, filled in China’s void in algebraic geometry and algebraic group research by nurturing Prof. Wang Jianpan, one of the country’s first-batch of Ph.D. graduates after the People’s Republic of China was founded, and Xiao Gang and Zheng Wei’an, China’s then-youngest math professor.  

ECNU’s predominance in math also played a crucial role in helping Shanghai win the bid to host the 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education in 2020 and securing a leading place for the city in math education and the International Mathematical Olympiad.  



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