Student reaps laurels at TV host contest


A postgraduate student of ECNU succeeded in winning the champion of the 8th Cross-Taiwan Straits TV Host Newcomer Competition on November 25. 

The laureate, Sun Hao, who is in his second-year postgraduate study at the School of Communication, received the All-Round New Star Award and a gold prize. 

The 8th Cross-Taiwan Straits TV Competition is held in Fuzhou, Xiamen Province.

Chen Shuyi, a junior student of ECNU, won the Newcomer Award while Prof. Gong Xiaoliang with the university’s School of Communication was granted the Best Instructor Award for coaching the Shanghai team participating in the contest.

Co-hosted by China TV Artists Association and Fujian Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the competition attracted a record number of more than 30,000 contestants from 22 provinces and regions across China, including Taiwan, since it was launched in October. Thirty of them entered the final. 

 Sun Hao wins the All-Round New Star Award and a gold prize. 

The judge panel of the final comprised well-known CCTV hosts Hai Xia and Zhang Zequn; Fan Zongchai, deputy secretary-general of China TV Artists Association; Hu Zhifeng, director of Media Art and Culture Research Center of the Communication University of China and a Ph.D. supervisor; and Taiwan TV host Zhao Zhengping. 

In the “Creative Emcee” session in the first round of the final, the story of Sun and children from the mainland and Taiwan overwhelmed all the audience and judges. In the following debate session, Sun stood out from the rest to rake in the gold prize for rich cultural knowledge, quick wits and eloquence. 

The last round was a showdown between Sun and four other competitors, which required each of them to give a speech titled “If I am the Champion” in different emotions that they had to adjust according to music played. Sun earned the highest score by the judges and became the first to clinch a double in the history of the competition, winning the All-Round New Star Award and a gold prize.

The first Cross-Taiwan Straits TV Host Newcomer Competition was held in 2008 and the annual event has been listed as a key exchange program for the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.


East China Normal University