Come to write Spring Festival couplets


If you are a Chinese calligraphy buff, there is an excellent chance to learn or show off your pencrafts now. An activity inviting teachers and students to write Spring Festival couplets is going on at the libraries of Minhang and Zhongbei campuses, which will last until January 6. 

Dai Liyi, vice ECNU president, and Hu Xiaoming, curator of the University’s library, attended the launch ceremony of the event at the library on December 28, 2016. The actitivity was co-hosted by the library and ECNU Art Institute.

In a speech, Dai commended the library’s effort in promoting traditional Chinese culture. He compared Spring Festival scrolls to the eyes through which people can get a glimpse of traditional Chinese culture. He wrote a pair of scrolls on the spot.

Hu said the activity aimed at drawing people closer to Chinese characters and calligraphy.

Zhang Suo, an associate professor of the Art Institute, said the annual activity, which was first held four years ago, has become a brand for the university.

At the end of the ceremony, the guests joined a dozen postgraduates of the Art Institute to write Spring Festival scrolls, sending their best wishes for the new year. Spectators wowed their handwritings and some asked for them as gifts.

On the Chinese New Year, families in China decorate their front doors with poetic couplets of calligraphy written with fragrant India ink, expressing the feeling of life’s renewal and the return of spring. 


East China Normal University