ECNU delegation visits Israeli universities


A delegation led by ECNU vice president Li Zhibin paid a visit to two Israeli universities between December 5 and 9, 2016.

Members of the delegation included Du Debin, dean of the School of Urban and Regional Science of the Faculty of Earth Sciences;Qian Haifeng, executive vice dean of the Translational Science and Technology Joint Research Institute; Prof. Zhou Xuhui with the School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Earth Sciences; and representatives from the International Exchange Division.

During the tour, the delegation visited the University of Haifa and the ORT Braude College of Engineering.

In Haifa University, Gustavo S. Mesch, rector of its art school, met with the Shanghai delegation, exchanging views on accelerating construction of the Translational Science and Technology Joint Research Institute. Other topics they discussed included Ph.D student enrollment, docking of curricula and teaching guidelines in both universities, building of teaching force, payroll standard, as well as layout and design of the joint institute building. The two universities plan to apply to China’s Ministry of Education for approval of the establishment of a non-corporate Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution.

After the meeting, the ECNU delegation paid to visit to five ECNU students studying in Haifa on an exchange program.

ECNU delegation visit the ORT Braude College of Engineering.

During a trip to the ORT Braude College of Engineering, the delegation received warm welcome from the college’s head Arie Maharshak and vice head Zeev Barzily, as well as Achiav Golan, director in charge of general affairs.

In a meeting, Maharshak made it clear that his college was willing to explore ways to further cooperation with ECNU. In a response, Li said ECNU has opened its door for international exchanges and cooperation for years. He suggested both sides take the first step by setting up a regular link between professors to enable them to share ideas on research interests and focuses. Both parties also discussed student exchange programs and exchange of short-term visits by teachers.

ECNU began intercollegiate cooperation with Haifa in 2004. In April the same year, the two universities inaugurated Shanghai-Haifa International Research Center, the first Sino-Israeli academic research institute in Shanghai, and launched a student exchange program. In March last year, they signed an MOU on the establishment of the Translational Science and Technology Joint Research Institute.

Situated at Karmiel, Israel, the ORT Braude College of Engineering is considered to be one of the leading higher education institutions for engineering in Israel, offering courses of applied mathematics, biotechnology engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, industrial engineering and management, software engineering; information system engineering and optical engineering.


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