ECNU delegation pays visits to UK, Irish universities


Zhou Aoying, vice ECNU president, led a delegation to visit five universities in the UK and Ireland from November 27 to December 4, 2016.

The delegation, consisting of Wang Changbo, executive vice dean of the School of Computer and Software Engineering, and Huang Chenxi, vice dean of the School of Social Development, visited the University of Durham, the University of Manchester, and Kingston University in the UK and the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and Dublin City University in Ireland.

The delegation led by Zhou Aoying visits the University of Durham.

In the University of Durham, Tim Clark, vice chancellor in charge of social sciences and health science, and his peer, Patrick Hussey, vice chancellor in charge of science and technology, met with the ECNU delegation.

Zhou introduced to the hosts ECNU’s world ranking, which has kept rising over recent years, and the education wisdom of “3C: -- Creativity, Character, Community” proposed by Prof. Meng Xiancheng, a well-known Chinese educationist and first president of ECNU, as well as ECNU’s development strategy of “3I”, namely Innovation, Interdisciplinary and Internationalization. He emphasized the important role of international cooperation in boosting talent training and advancing scientific research of ECNU, citing examples of the university’s partnership with the French ENS Group and NYU as well as construction of the international education park.

Durham leaders said they were impressed by ECNU's achievements and wished to expand cooperation in student and teacher exchanges and scientific research in the future.

After the meeting, the ECNU delegates were shown around the departments of computer science and social work, where they conducted detailed discussions with locals on student and teacher exchange programs and joint application of UN scientific research projects.

Located in Durham, Northeast England, the Durham University is one of the world’s top 100 universities and one of the best universities in the country. ECNU signed a cooperative agreement with the university last April on student exchange. In September, the first group of three ECNU students went to study in Durham.

Vice chancellor of the Kingston University meets the delegation.

In the Kingston University, vice chancellor Martyn Jones, who specializes in international affairs, told the guests that his university has attached great importance to cooperation with ECNU in design, and hoped for cooperation in more fields. Zhou said ECNU was willing to deepen cooperation in art, design, application of computer in industries, and social work.

Founded in 1899, the Kingston University is globally well known for art disciplines. Starting 2013, students of the School of Design, ECNU, have begun to hold summer workshops in Kingston. In September that year, both universities clinched a cooperation agreement and a student exchange deal that was implemented in 2014.

The delegation discusses issues with professors from the University of Manchester.

During the delegation’s stay in the University of Manchester, Chris Orme, dean of the School of Social Development, and Robert Stevens, dean of the School of Computer Science, discussed with the visitors about exchange of teaching faculty in the fields of computer science and software engineering, data science, social work and scientific research.

The Chinese delegates briefed Tanya Luff, director of International Office of the British university, and Christopher N. Payne in charge of student exchange programs on ECNU's English curriculum and service for international students, inviting more Manchester students to study in the Shanghai university.

The delegation visits the the Dublin City University in Ireland.

Founded in 1980, the Dublin City University in Ireland was ranked last year amongst the top 50 universities worldwide that have a history of no more than 50 years. On April 18, 2016, ECNU and the university signed an MOU. Brian MacCraith, chancellor of the Irish university, visited ECNU in October last year, during which he inked a deal on student exchange with his ECNU counterpart. The deal will be honored in September this year.

At the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, the final stop of the ECNU delegation’s visit, Bernard Mahon, vice chancellor supervising scientific research in the Irish university, exchanged opinions with the visitors about cooperation on postgraduate dual degree education, short-term student group visits, and plans to invite Maynooth professors to teach at ECNU during summer.

The delegation pays a call on exchange students from ECNU studying at the universities.

ECNU signed a student exchange agreement with the second-oldest university in Ireland in 2010. In August the same year, 27 ECNU students majoring in education went to Maynooth on a four-week training program for excellent would-be teachers. Last April, the two universities renewed the student exchange contract.

During the trip, the ECNU delegation paid a call on exchange students from ECNU studying at the universities.


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