Fund set up to finance research in war and peace


Prof. Li donates 120,000 yuan to finance research in war and peace.

LI Julian recently donated 120,000 yuan to the Department of History of ECNU. The money will be used to finance students, teachers, and other young scholars in academic research fields related to war and peace.

On behalf of the History Department’s alumni association, Mu Tao, vice director of the association, signed an agreement to acknowledge the donation by retired-Prof. Li at a ceremony on March 16.

Prof. Li expresses his expectations to the fund.

ECNU top leader Tong Shijun, who is also chairman of the university’s Education Development Foundation, issued a donation certificate to Prof. Li after accepting the contribution in the form of a check. “I grew up in New China and I am honored to be one of the founders of the World History discipline in ECNU,” Li said. “Now that the discipline faces new chances of development, we should seize the opportunity to make substantial contributions.”

Tong appreciated the professor’s generosity. “Prof. Li has devoted himself to the History Department and the university before and after retirement,” Tong said. “Contributions by the older generation have made ECNU what it is today. We will never fail in carrying out their expectations.

The donation ceremony is held on Zhongbei campus.

Li specializes in teaching and research of post-WWII history, with an emphasis on strategic and theoretical exploration in the human history of war and peace. He was an expert entitled to the State Council Special Allowance and formerly held vice chairman and secretary general of the Chinese Research Association of History of World War II and vice chairman of Shanghai World History Association.


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