ECNU puts on female arts exhibition


AN exhibition demonstrating the artistic beauty of women is being displayed at the ECNU campus by the ECNU College of Arts starting from March 7th.

Female arts from ECNU.

In accordance with the achievements of the ECNU’s College of Arts in calligraphy and seal cutting education, this exhibition showcased 45 works from 38 female graduate students from the college, including 34 works of calligraphy and 11 works of seal cutting and printing screens, all of which stemmed from the poems and essays of either their own making or from classic works of ancient and modern Chinese female authors.  

The exhibition is being held by the Department of Arts at East China Normal University in conjunction with the Research Center of Chinese Calligraphy in Shanghai and the Library of East China Normal University. It will be on display from March 7-15.

Translated by Linlan Zhang and Siyuan Zhang     Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University