ECNU and AMU finalize deal


Wang Rongming meets Khaled El-Zayyat

ON March 22, ECNU vice president Wang Rongming met with a delegation from the American University of Malta (AUM) led by vice president of AUM, Khaled El-Zayyat.

Vice president Wang gave a brief introduction about the development and accomplishments of ECNU and showed gratitude towards their partnership. Prof. Khaled El-Zayyat mentioned that Chinese culture is spreading rapidly in Malta due to the students’ love of China and Chinese language.

Admiring the strong academic strength of ECNU in this field, he has long been hoping to initiate cooperation between the two universities by promoting communication in Chinese language and thus contribute to sustained cooperation between the countries of China and Malta.

A memorandum signing ceremony was held during the meeting. According to the agreement, the very first batch of ECNU students would go abroad to study at AMU this September.

The memorandum signing ceremony is held at Zhongbei Campus.

As a private, American-established liberal arts university, AMU has won great support from the local government. Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean region, an important bridge that links Asia, Europe and Africa and traverses China’s “One Belt One Road”. This allows for more development of cooperation in the fields of economic trade zones, communications and talent cultivation. 


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